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Bishops Cuts/Color

Irvine, CA


A franchisee for Bishops Cuts/Color (a unisex hair salon) required a rapid and economical build-out for their new location in a busy high-end shopping center in Irvine, CA. Meeting the tight timeframe for construction was essential for the business to open on time. The project required close supervision to meet the strict requirements of the Landlord and to meet the expectations of the Franchisee.


MA Nourse planned and successfully executed a 2 month build-out that maximized reuse of the existing structure to meet budget goals. The project was closely managed by an experienced supervisor who ensured that work stayed on schedule and conformed to the strict requirements of the Landlord.  
“MA Nourse was an extremely reliable and competent partner for our Bishops project. They met my goal of a rapid buildout at an economical price. It was a pleasure working with their supervisor who kept the project on schedule and within budget. I highly recommend MA Nourse for retail build-out projects such as this one and I look forward to working with them on my next location.”


Stephen Salvatierra 

Franchisee, Bishops Color/Cuts